Below is a description of Mexican Foods

Description of Mexican Foods

Burrito: Ground beef wrapped in a flour tortilla and covered with cheese and tomato sauce.
Chalupa: Crisp corn tortilla with refried beans, shredded cheese, tomatoes & Guacamole Salad.
Ground beef wrapped in a corn tortilla and covered in a special sauce.
Fajitas (fa-he-tas): Sauteed mushrooms, Bell peppers, onions & tomatoes along with grilled stripos of beef or chicken.

Guacomole (Gwok-a-mola): Mexican dip made with Avocados, green tomatoes, chilies and sour cream.
Huevos (wa-voz) Rancheros: (Ranch-style eggs): Eggs cooked in a Mexican sauce.

Mole (mola) Sauce: A sauce made with chilies, tomatoes, and spices.
Nachos: Chips covered with melted cheese & Jalapenos (hal-ah-pee-nos).
Quesadilla (kay-se-de-ya): Flour tortilla folded in half stuffed with cheese and grilled.
Pico de Gallo: Chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cilantro, and lime. Often confused with salsa.
Taco: Crisp, folded corn tortilla filled with ground beef, lettuce, and cheese.
Tamale: Corn meal casing filled with seasoned shredded beef and topped with chili.
Tomatillo: A Mexican green husk tomato.These look like a small green tomato in a husk, however, very different from an ordinary tomato.
Tostaguac (tos-ah-gwok): Crisp tortilla with beef topped with lettuce, Guacamole and shredded cheese.